July 4th  is the Final Day to Signup for Governors Cup.  Dues Must be Paid

Must Be Played By July 26th - 1st Round of 32 completed 16 remain  

Must Be Played By August 16th - 2nd Round of 16 completed 8 remain 

Must Be Played By September 6th  - 3rd Round 8 completed 4 remain 

Must Be Played By September 27th - Semi Finals 4 completed 2 remain

Must Be Played By October 18th  Finals 



Governor’s Cup Format

The matches are scheduled by the players and must be played by the dates on the brackets.  The match is a 2 man best ball match with strokes.  The strokes are determined by playing off the low player in the match handicap and then take 80 % of the difference between the players.  Example Team A player 1 has a handicap of 10 and player B has a handicap of 20, Team B player 1 has a handicap of 18 and player 2 has a handicap of 19. Team A player I plays as a 0 ,player 2 is 10 different x .8= 8 so he gets 8 strokes, Team B player 1 is 8 different x .8 = 6 so he gets 6 strokes , player 2 is 9 different x .8 = 7 so he gets 7 strokes. There will be a chart on the board with the 80% stroke calculation.  All matches played from the blue tees.



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